Setting up Ghost on a Raspberry Pi

It is fascinating that this small chip-computer could do so much. Following is how I installed this Ghost Blog on this RPi.

####1st step

$ wget
$ tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz
$ cd [node folder]

download node and unarchive it.

####2nd step

$ ./configure  
$ make  
$ make install

compile node and install it. please note the make could take hours, consider using tmux to put it to a separate session.

####3rd step

$ wget
$ unzip -d ghost [Name-of-Ghost-zip].zip

download and install Ghost.

####4th Step

$ cd ghost/
$ sudo npm install
$ cp config.example.js config.js

note that sudo npm install could take some time as well.

Here change all instance of host: '' and port: '2368' to host: '[ip of RPi]' and port: '80', then we can reach ghost from internet.

Finally we can start Ghost with npm start, please note that we are starting Ghost with default user pi, so that binding port under 1024 is impossible, in this case you will need to run this command with sudo.